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Hi everyone.

I hope you're all doing well.

It really has been a very long time since I have been active. I really miss this place and all my friends here. This was my place of inspiration and a place to share my passion with the world. I grew and learnt so much here. I got so busy with life, I distant myself from the only thing I was truly passionate about which is photography.

I apologize for not replying to your messages as I was away. reading your comments now inspires me to get back to my passion. I can't believe that when I was away there were still some people who remember me, and likes me art.

 It was a happy phase of my life when I was here. being here again feels so good. I might be back really soon. 

Missing the old days

Sat Aug 31, 2013, 5:22 AM
Hi guys, how is everyone?

it's been a long a time since I was active here..

just wanted to say that I miss you, and I hope you are all doing very well..



Fri Nov 9, 2012, 12:16 AM
How are you my friends?

I know I'm not very active here, which is not forever, I'll be back very soon.
But if you want to keep up with my new photos follow me on instagram at hind_Alnuaimi

looking forward to seeing there :wave:

Thank you :heart:


Mon May 7, 2012, 12:35 PM
Enjoy looking at these lovely pieces  :heart:

Waiting for by Fra-Emer Serenity by ravador

Free by IsacGoulart Dark Waters by IvanAndreevich

I can let you have your way... by me-withoutyou

the book of Love by Orwald Dark times ... by aoao2

Cobweb by JoniNiemela The Oath by Nelleke

New York City Haze by Matthias-Haker ... by standbyme21

:thumb298021649: 175 by AlexNagiPhotography


Who was your inspiration?

Mon Apr 16, 2012, 1:02 PM
Hello everyone,

Today this topic came to my mind..
it's really amazing how sometimes some people could affect us, motivate us, and inspire us.

Let me tell you who inspired me when I first joined dA ( I still like their work today :heart: )

:icononixa: I was so obssessed with her work, she is so unique and her work is truly beautiful, and full of colors. I liked her nature and macro photos. the light in her pictures are Spot on..and she had a beautiful touch in her pictures that always sat her apart from the other artists. back in time, I always browsed her photos and tried to figure out what kind of editing she did on her pictures.. her pictures always attracted me. My inspiration to take macro pictures.
Droplets Like Diamons by onixa Fragile Elements by onixa  A Moment Of... Silence by onixa  .:SOVEREIGN:. by onixa

:icondeeevilish: I was in love with his eyes -pictures. I think he really capture the eyes in a complete different way than anyone else.. his pictures always have meaning or a story behind them.. and I also liked his use of colors and light as much as I liked his dark desaturated photos. My inspiration to take Macro (Eye) pictures.
Heartset by Deeevilish  Beyond Questions by Deeevilish  Flamy Butterfly by Deeevilish  butterfly by Deeevilish

:iconmohdfikree:  I always admired his cat pictures.. they were so Amazing and wonderful. his pictures were the reason for me to take photos of cats and kittens .. his nature and sky photos were also beautiful, clear, high-quality, and full of colors. My inspiration to take nature and cats pictures.
naughty by mohdfikree  crimson swim by mohdfikree flysleep by mohdfikree i'm always here for you by mohdfikree

:iconineedchemicalx: her photos are Superb.. her unique choice of colors always spoke to me.. and she always had a story to tell with each picture of hers.. her work is so Amazing.. I used to brows her gallery everyday.. My inspiration to be creative and try different things.
The Darkest Light by iNeedChemicalX  Powder your life away by iNeedChemicalX The fallen by iNeedChemicalX I am the spaceman flying high by iNeedChemicalX

I'm so grateful for each one of you guys.. you basically helped me reach to where I am today.. Thank you for Sharing your Art.
of course there are many artists that I enjoyed and admired looking at their work and there are many pieces that inspired me to be creative and take lovely photos.

you can write a journal similar to mine if you like ->  So what was your inspiration? who motivated you to be a better artist?.. I would like to know and read your lovely stories. don't forget to leave a comment ;)

Yay :D

Thank you so much :iconnaked-in-the-rain: for the gift!!

I don't know how to thank you, but Here's a gift back for you! :glomp:

:iconnaked-in-the-rain: :

After rain comes the... by naked-in-the-rain In my black world... by naked-in-the-rain

I stole it from the fairies by naked-in-the-rain Monochrome Romance by naked-in-the-rain



there is someone on Flickr who stole my pictures, and had the nerve to erase my signature!!

she didn't only steal from me, she stole from other artists here on DA . and I can't track them down.
Please if you recognize their pictures let them know.

I don't have an account on Flickr and I don't plan to, so could anyone help me report this account.…

I'm really bothered by this non-stop stealing!
I don't know how they dare to steal others' hard work.
For the first time, I've entered a competition (sheikh majid awards)and I need your votes please!

I need your help :hug:! Voting will be open untill April 13,2012 so please hurry up and vote for me, because I'm already late in submission and I need to catch up with the top runners :D I would really appreciate it if I got your votes!

just click on the link below, and click on the yellow box under my picture
(if you can't vote, just refresh the page)…

if it doesn't work try this link:

Thank you in advance!

hind :heart:

I'm sorry for not being so active.
I really appreciate everyone's support

I'll try my best to post some photos.

just wanted to say thank you.

Hind :heart:

up for a game? ,D

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 17, 2011, 1:01 PM
Hi guys! :blowkiss:
ok so I'm kind of bored right know
and I don't know I thought of this game... hmmm wouldn't call it a game.. but anyways :hmm: let's just call it the "Match Game" :D

so I would like you to go to my gallery and find me two pics that goes with each other. I want to see your taste and your creativeness. whatever you think matches together. you can consider the colors, the concept, the title, and the style.

PLEASE post the Links (in your comments to this journal) .

Price: Feature the top 10 members- who I think has the nicest choice- for a whole month. ( I know it's not that much, it's just for FUN :dance: )

so what do you think?

I'll be waiting :D

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F e a t u r e

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 18, 2011, 12:06 PM

Comets by iNeedChemicalX
before my dream II by JoannaRzeznikowska :thumb217147336:
Life by ForestGirl
Old fashion by EliseEnchanted one.. by impatienss
sisters by mohdfikree Free in Love by AlicjaRodzik
Pink and blue... by addy-ack
It's very romantic dews by diensilver Day Forty-Three - Flowers by Lady-Tori
:thumb213847165: sunshine by estellamestella

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Journal Entry: Mon Jul 18, 2011, 11:48 AM
Why these is no Thumbnail number/code under pictures on DA?
I can't find them? :confused:

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10 Things about me.

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 4, 2011, 8:17 AM
Hi guys!
I was tagged by :iconartdejohn: :hug:
I did this a very long time ago. but I figured I'll do it for my new watchers or to those who would like to know me a little bit more :D

(You must post these rules!)
oo1. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
oo2. You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
oo3. Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.
oo4. No tag backs!
oo5. No cheating in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you read this." [You legitimately have to tag ten people.]

1) I am an Arab, Muslim girl from Dubai - UAE. (Blessed)

2) I love photography :love: obviously. I like art in general.

2) I love Chinese food.
:drool: :heart: :heart:

3) I'm a Business major student ( Accounting)

4) I do not make friends easily. (but I'm a lovable person. I think :giggle: or as they say )

5) I believe that appearance is a part of who you are.

6) I love my family :heart:

7) I forgive and forget

8) I love traveling, actually one of my dreams is to travel around the world :')

9) I'm a self-taught photographer (I've never taken a lesson).I do not consider myself a professional photographer. I hope to grow more in this field.

10)  I'm the kind of person who usually stop in a middle of a conversation to find "the word"  :roll:

I think these are the most important things about me ;p
ok I'll tag
:iconoo-rein-oo: :iconmohdfikree: :icon99thbone: :iconaddy-ack: :iconeliseenchanted: :iconabdulazizmuseib: :iconoer-wout: :iconhealzo: :iconmarcoheisler: :iconroxagrama:

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F e a t u r e s

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 16, 2011, 11:52 AM
Please give them all the Support and Love :heart:

No 32 by VexingArt Past Continuous by KatjaFaith

Rainbow Effect by ADOUR tenderness by mechtaniya

B+ by aoao2 :thumb212999594:

Hurry up. by addy-ack Magic skyline of New York by Nightline

.: smoothness :. by biszkopciik tuscany morning by Fersy

QuarantinE by MRBee30 r a d i a n c e by maskqueraide

Smoke by EliseEnchanted :thumb208307854:

La chasseuse de nuages by Somebody--else never quite as it seems by quadratiges

you're all I have by ivadesign Solo by Jules1983

:thumb210437144: Flowers in my heaven by RezzanATAKOL

no words by GZB Let Love In.. by Khomenko

:thumb211870817: Hole In My Soul by oO-Rein-Oo

New York - Buildings II by DarkSaiF Among the Living by jonniedee

sometimes i'm  waiting by Valioza :thumb211120544:

Grisou by kim-e-sens Pink by fruitpunch1

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F e a t u r e s

Journal Entry: Fri May 20, 2011, 11:41 AM
Have a look at these Amazing pieces.:heart:

but first, please support :iconmohdfikree: on his new album…



Us by randyrakhmadany wind by Panka2009

The secret garden V by cherrilady light fog by GreyVolk

Do you remember me by Healzo Float through it All by Oer-Wout

Circles by laura242 Walking up to the stars by vampire-zombie

the city lights by vanerich port7 by dechobek

hands of time by LAMASSUdesu :thumb208354514:

Self II by Marhiao  amarillo. by M0THart

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Hi There!

Journal Entry: Sun May 15, 2011, 11:08 AM
Hello !
How are you? hope you're doing fine.

Kindly, visit the following website and answer the survey to help my sister in her research.

Thanks a lot you guys. Love you all. :heart: :hug:

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Journal Entry: Fri Mar 4, 2011, 2:36 AM

It's been a long time since I wrote something here.

so here are my favorite photos so far :love:

but first go check my Gallery! I Finally organized it and opened new gallery folders. check them out. and let me know what do you think :D

River Reflections by Allen59 new dreams by Deeevilish
:thumb198302413: Mists Of Destiny by MarcoHeisler
The Magic of Machu Picchu by DanielZrno For her... by MartaC
Yuliana3 by shapovalov Rebirth II. by realityDream
Recurring Dreams by girltripped the sky is falling by jyoujo
Reading Thursday by Lady-Tori :thumb195467858:
Love Is A Little Higher by oO-Rein-Oo ..:: the path::.. by phoenixgraphixstudio
A Smile for Life by Mademoiselle-5oo5a Through your eyes.. by onixa
Laugh On My Country by msendy Dunas de Maspalomas xiii by Regadenzia
:thumb191058599: Mr. Rainbow Portrait by oO-Rein-Oo
The fallen by iNeedChemicalX New Soul by roxagrama

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F e a t u r e s :D

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 2, 2010, 10:38 AM
Hi :D

How's everyone doing? I missed you all so much :hug:
I hope you're doing well :)

And :heart: Happy National Day UAE!! :heart:
I'm so proud and happy to be a part of this amazing country :D
Checkout this picture--> U A E  3 9 by fotoki Love it:love:

:heart: here is a Random Feature

just fly, no one will hurt you by mohdfikree because of our differences by Deeevilish

Silhouette Of Love by oO-Rein-Oo murder city by ersatz-moon

A night in Istanbul by UgurDoyduk Pyromaniac by smallvillian

forever. and a day by smallvillian :thumb180339773:

A whole new world by Julie-de-Waroquier :thumb185991642:

:thumb158755011: dream... by AlicjaRodzik

:thumb146505943: One Way by pinkparis1233

Today, I'm Really Happy. by MultiCurious Smile... by Mimy0318

saffron downpour. by Camiloo Message by MultiCurious

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F e a t u r e s

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 7, 2010, 1:48 PM

Soul mates ... by aoao2 My Autumn by nairafee

Home by SachaKalis Absolute Zero by TwiggyTeeluck

:thumb179564589: Somebody to love by NOUF7

:thumb179317436: so beautiful.... by AlicjaRodzik

kakeru by PatrickRuegheimer _falling. by josefinejonssonphoto

got 18 by bloodstonished Punggawa Luhur Poten by Jayantara

AYUMI HAMASAKI by AngelasPortraits Paris La Defense by xMEGALOPOLISx

Dive into... by addy-ack :thumb178960422:

Twisted Firestarter by Blood-Of-A-Pirate Where Time Stands Still by Emerald-Depths

neural rust by ssilence repose by bailey--elizabeth

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Hi :)

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 2, 2010, 4:52 AM
how's everyone ?

just wanted to say hi..
I know I haven't been around the last few days
that's because I'm busy.. *university stuff*
also because I don't have my laptop, meanings I don't have photoshop
I miss editing photos..
but to be honest, I don't think I can edit the way I used to.
in the past I used to edit more than 10 pictures in few hours, but know I literally spend
a whole day editing one picture .. and I don't think it's as beautiful as the old ones
I miss old times
I miss taking macro photos ( drops, feathers, glitters, small stuff..)

hmmmm I hope I'll be back to that soon :)


love you all

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